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How I Began my Flipping Journey

Hey I’m Lexie! I started my passion for Furniture Flipping back in 2020 (amidst the heat of the global pandemic), when I decided to turn my grandparent’s gifted dresser that had been sitting in my garage for years into one of my favourite masterpieces to this day (image below).

After loads of positive feedback and a growing obsession with the hobby, I decided to keep flipping – 1 year later I was able to quit my job to continue flipping full time!


What People Say

“The pictures that you sent me of our pieces were amazing, but they look even more STUNNING in person! Thank you so much for the hard work you put into our beautiful bedroom suite!’

Monique R.

“WOW – The china cabinet is a hit among my friends! Everyone who walks into our home asks about it – Show stopper!”

– Amy

“WOW I am absolutely obsessed with the dresser set you made me! The best part is that nobody in the world has anything like it!”

– Stacey