Wood Furniture Refinishing Service

Why do you need refinishing services?

Having a special piece of furniture can really liven up your entire home or office. Unfortunately, there are several factors, some beyond your control, that can harm your wooden furniture’s finishing severely. While you can get reliable and professional wood furniture refinishing in Winnipeg, MB, it is imperative that you know what harms your precious furniture in the first place. Here are some of those factors:

  • Water

While a tree might need sufficient water to survive, your wooden furniture surely does not. Excessive moisture can lead to swelling and staining of the wood. Thus, moisture should not persist on the surface of your furniture. In addition, you shouldn’t use a wet cloth to clean your furniture. If your furniture has gotten way too dirty, you can always work with a professional for refinishing old furniture in Winnipeg.

  • Humidity

Wood is exceptionally susceptible to change in humidity. If the environmental humidity changes, so do the humidity in your home. Thus, the moisture content in the wood of your furniture change. This leads to a cycle of contraction and expansion of the wood, which can weaken the furniture. On the other hand, lower humidity decreases the moisture content, which causes the wood to split and crack. While maintaining your home’s humidity levels can be challenging, you can always work regularly with furniture refinishing services in Winnipeg.

  • Direct Sunlight

UV rays in sunlight can be harmful, not only to your skin but also to your furniture. In fact, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can further dry the wood of your furniture, leading to deep cracks and faults. This further undermines the structural integrity of your furniture, which causes it to break down with time. Fortunately, professional wood furniture refinishing in Winnipeg, MB, can help you combat or even reverse the damage from sunlight.

  • Heat

Your furniture is heated from direct sunlight and whenever you place any hot items on your furniture. Thanks to the common law of thermodynamic, whenever you put a hot object, such as a hot mug of coffee, the warmness of the object is transferred to the surface it is in contact with, which would be your furniture. Thus, hot objects can erode the upper layers of your furniture and even ruin the finishes. 

These are just some of the countless factors that can harm your furniture. So, if you haven’t worked with reliable furniture refinishing services in Winnipeg, you should consider doing so.