(Available to those located in Winnipeg, MB + surrounding area)

Prices vary due to furniture size and quality of the piece

  • Basic small sized flip: $175 + hardware
  • Basic medium sized flip: $250 + hardware
  • Basic large sized flip: $325 + hardware

additional fee’s

  • Pick-up/delivery: + $25

  • Delivery outside of the city + $35

Custom and more difficult pieces will receive a quote from me on pricing. Send me an email below with a description of the service you’re looking for and a picture of the piece to receive a quote!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Why consider buying old furniture for sale in Winnipeg?

It’s a fair question. Why buy a piece of old refurbished furniture when you can buy a fresh piece from the market? While buying an old smartphone or car might not be the best idea, as there is no means to detect the longevity of used technology, any faults in furniture are easy to identify. Thus, refurbishing them makes them as good as a fresh piece. Now you can even buy unique custom furniture for sale to take the interior décor of your homes or offices to a whole another level. But why should you consider buying old furniture for sale in Winnipeg? Let’s find out!


If you take a look around, you might have trouble finding something unique. Thanks to rapid industrialization and mass manufacturing, everything, from our cars to our clothes, is produced to be the same. Thus, having something one-of-a-kind has become rare, or you might have to spend a fortune to buy a limited edition and exclusive product.

Fortunately, now you can buy unique custom furniture for sale and have something unparalleled. Contrary to the modern culture of minimalism, old furniture was made by professionals who put their time, energy, creativity, and soul into each piece of furniture. This is just one reason why buying refurbished old furniture for sale in Winnipeg is so incredibly beneficial.


If you have ever decorated your house, you know buying furniture can be a pretty expensive affair and can burn a hole in your pocket. It can quickly go out of your planned budget if you are looking to buy something more aesthetic than furniture that looks like cubism paintings.

In such cases, buying refurbished old furniture for sale in Winnipeg is the more affordable option. You will be able to conserve a considerable amount of resources, including money.

Environment Friendly

Climate change is a reality, so we should seriously start doing our parts to conserve this precious environment. So, if you are environment conscious, buying old unique custom furniture in Winnipeg, MB, is the way to go. How? Since refurbishing old furniture takes significantly less energy than making new ones, you reduce your carbon footprint considerably. This may not sound enough, but it is crucial to remember that with time, it adds up. 

Hence, buying old unique custom furniture in Winnipeg, MB, is beneficial personally, financially, and environmentally. So, if you haven’t yet, you should seriously consider buying exquisite unique custom furniture for sale.